Designed to perfectly compliment memorials of all shapes and sizes.

At a small additional cost we can compliment your loved one’s memorial with one of our exquisite floral tributes.

Floral Tributes – Our Selection

Our three sets of floral tributes are designed to perfectly complement memorials of all shapes and sizes. These beautiful arrangements can be purchased with a one year or three year plans and are placed on the grave at the time of the visit. 

Below are samples of the floral tribute sizes we offer  – please note each tribute will be individual and depend on which flowers are in bloom and available. 

Small floral tribute with purple and white flowers

Small Floral Tribute

The sweet floral tribute is made up of gorgeous little blooms complemented by rich, green foliage and contrasting coloured-petal flowers. Perfect for small memorials.

Single tributes from £35.00*

Medium floral tribute with rich red roses

Medium Floral Tribute

A floral tribute made with sumptuous flowers united with dazzling contrasting coloured foliage. A medium-sized arrangement perfect for lawn memorials.

Single tributes from £50.00*

Large floral tribute with coloured flowers

Large Floral Tribute

Our largest floral tribute is made up of bright-coloured blooms in an array of shapes and sizes. This arrangement is ideal for larger memorials in particular kerb sets.

Single tributes from £65.00*

*base pricing shown subject to floral tribute placed at time of aftercare visit. Tributes placement requests at anytime other than that of aftercare visit will be subject to an additional special journey payment. 


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