Grave Maintenance in South Wales: Preserving the Serenity of Eternal Rest
Headstones on well maintained graves in cemetery

At Memorial Aftercare, we are dedicated to providing expert grave maintenance services in South Wales, working closely with several Cardiff and South Wales based memorial masons.

We also extend our services to Bristol where we work closely with another of our trusted partners, Summers Memorials.

We understand that maintaining the beauty and tranquillity of graves is a deeply meaningful task, honouring the memory of our loved ones.

With our experience, compassionate approach and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every burial plot and accompanying memorial receives the dedicated high-level of care it deserves.

Comprehensive Grave Maintenance Services

Our professional grave and memorial maintenance team carry out a range of tasks with each visit that are specifically tailored to the burial plot and memorial.

We offer two plans (1-year plan and 3-year plan) with three visits taking place per year for each plan, although specific pricing can only be provided once we have determined the regular cleaning and maintenance work that would be required for your particular burial plot and memorial.

Learn a little more about our grave maintenance plans below…

Our Grave Maintenance Plans in South Wales

At Memorial Aftercare, our grave maintenance contract prices are tailored to the specific type and size of memorial that accompanies the grave or burial plot.

If the memorial has been fitted by masons other than our trusted partners, an inspection will be required to determine the pricing.

Pricing Structure for Different Memorial Types is as Follows:

Cremation Memorials:

1 Year Plan: Starting at £140.00

3 Year Plan: Starting at £330.00


1 Year Plan: Starting at £165.00

3 Year Plan: Starting at £430.00

Please note that these prices serve as a base, and they may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the memorial. Our team will provide a thorough evaluation to ensure accurate pricing and exceptional service.

Tasks Carried Out With Each Burial Plot and Memorial Visit

We understand the significance of maintaining graves as a way to honour and respect those who have passed on and we take immense pride in the work that we do – we always prioritise the care and upkeep of burial plots and memorials.

Our skilled team of professionals specialises in grave maintenance in South Wales, equipped with the expertise to handle various types of memorials found in cemeteries across the region.

With each visit, our dedicated team performs a series of essential tasks to ensure the proper maintenance and preservation of these sacred spaces.

These tasks include:

Grass Cutting and Trimming:

With a deep understanding of the significance of a well-maintained environment around burial plots, Memorial Aftercare takes pride in offering meticulous grass cutting and trimming services with each visit. Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure that the grass surrounding the grave is expertly maintained, creating a serene and dignified resting place for your loved ones. We prioritise attention to detail, ensuring a neat and tidy environment that honours the memory of those laid to rest.

Professional Cleaning for Lasting Memorials:

We offer expert cleaning services for headstones, cremation memorials, and kerb sets, with each clean tailored to specific memorial type and the stone material used. Our skilled technicians use industry-approved techniques and products to regularly remove dirt, moss, and other stubborn build-up, revealing and maintaining the original beauty of the memorial. With utmost care and attention, we restore the dignity of these cherished tributes.

Refreshing Floral Tributes and Vase Cleaning:

Recognising the importance of honouring your loved ones with fresh and vibrant floral tributes, Memorial Aftercare includes the task of refreshing floral arrangements where necessary as part of our comprehensive grave maintenance plans. Our dedicated team takes great care in removing old, withered flowers and emptying stale water from vases. By meticulously tending to these details, we ensure that the gravesite remains visually appealing, offering a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to those who have passed.

Detailing the Headstone and Surroundings:

At Memorial Aftercare, we are committed to providing meticulous care that goes above and beyond. Our experienced professionals understand the significance of every detail, which is why we pay special attention to the headstone and its immediate surroundings. With precision and care, we thoroughly clean and detail the memorial, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked in our pursuit of excellence. By focusing on these intricate details, we strive to preserve the beauty and integrity of the memorial, creating a lasting tribute that honours the memory of your loved ones.

Transparent Aftercare Reporting:

With each of our grave and memorial maintenance plans, we provide transparent aftercare reporting. After each visit, we document the works carried out, providing you with a detailed report. This ensures complete transparency and allows you to keep track of the services provided.

At Memorial Aftercare, we are committed to preserving the serenity and beauty of final resting places in cemeteries and churchyards across South Wales. Our expertise, compassion, and comprehensive maintenance plans make us the trusted choice for grave maintenance services within the region. Experience the difference of our professional approach and let us honour the memory of your loved ones with utmost care.

To enquire or to simply learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by calling 03301 248 519, e-mailing, or by completing our convenient online enquiry form.

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